Top12 in Geotechnology

Corrosion protection without cover.

The stainless reinforcing steel Top12 adequately protects temporary or permanent safety elements in any subsoil, even in aggressive groundwater. It makes the standard coating for anchor tension members unnecessary.

Anchors – depending on intended useful life, building class and risk of corrosion – are used as temporary or permanent safety elements, e.g. for shoring and anchoring excavation or earth retaining and support structures as well as for taking up tensile forces in soundproof walls. Adquate corrosion protection is a relevant to safety, particularly for anchors intended to remain permanently in the ground.

Less work, more protection

Top12 is already protected from corrosion by its chemical composition. The complete anchoring system consists of stainless components and meets all requirements of protection level 2b pursuant to Swiss standard SIA 267:2013. Consequently, no additional corrosion protection measures such as cladding tubes are required. This makes the overall system lighter and a smaller borehole diameter possible.

Stainless steel for the construction industry