Top12 in construction projects

Resistant to chlorides in civil engineering and underground projects:

Top12 is used in civil engineering and underground projects primarily for components exposed to chloride in splash and spray zones. It is three times more resistant to chlorides than conventional reinforcing steel, and depending on the test conditions, even more. This reliable protection from corrosion can exponentially extend the lifetime of structures.

Extend the lifecycle and reduce costs

In construction, the current trend is increasingly a far-sighted approach. The costs of future structural maintenance – the lifecycle costs – are frequently taken into account during the design phase. The aim is to improve the durability of structures and thus avoid future maintenance work. This meansless refurbishment of roads, for example, and thus fewer construction sites and consequently fewer traffic jams which are known to be the source of much avoidable CO2. Use of Top12 thus also has an ecological value that should not be underestimated.

Stainless steel for the construction industry