Top12 in building construction projects

More creative freedom in design.

Concrete structures and building elements that are long-lasting, safe and beautiful as well as flawless exposed concrete are better achieved with Top12. Many of a building contractor’s aesthetic wishes and an architect’s creative ideas can easily be accommodated.

There is virtually no limit to design and structural possibilities when reinforced concrete is used. At the same time, however, the structures themselves are expected to last, resulting in the past in thicker concrete cover for the reinforcement and thus heavier structural elements. This is where Top12, the affordable stainless steel with 12 weight percent chromium, has its advantages. It solves the corrosion problem that can commonly occur in building construction due to the carbonation of alkaline cement and also requires much less cover for the reinforcement.

Added options, better safety

Thanks to its corrosion resistance, Top12 is suitable for numerous structural engineering applications. It is ideal, for example, for slender constructions or in applications at greater risk for cracking, for structured surfaces or for use in new types of concrete with a very short history of use. Another aspect is not to be forgotten: Because the cover is thinner, less concrete is needed which also means a lower transport volume.

Stainless steel for the construction industry