Risk Management

The task of our executive managers is to identify risks and dangers at an early stage, to assess them systematically, to minimize them effectively and efficiently or to consciously accept them, as well as to taken them into account in strategic decision-making. In the event of a conflict of interest, our behaviour towards interested parties is fair and responsible. We comply with laws.

Risk management is applied above all in strategic risk management, the internal control system, process management, HR management, IT security management, occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection. We comply with ISO 31000.

Within the scope of the risk management, we commit ourselves to comply with all relevant statutory provisions and requirements. Our staff members are highly sensitive to the risks and hazards in their work environment and contribute actively in coping with them.

We are committed to complying with all relevant statutory provisions and requirements. We have a harmonious relationship with interested internal and external stakeholders. Their interests and expectations are included in the decision-making process.


Head of R & D
Heiko Haupt-Peter
Fon +41 41 209 5151