Occupational Health and Safety Management

We have an occupational health and safety management aimed at protecting our staff from accidents and illnesses. We are certified to OHSAS 18001.

Basically, we want to avoid all hazards and our goal is to achieve zero industrial accidents. We do everything in our power to protect our staff from the consequences of industrial accidents and illnesses. We also inform and sensitize them, to avoid accidents during their free time.  Ill and injured employees should be reintegrated quickly. In addition, we promote and encourage an improved work life balance.

The management and line managers are responsible for the early detection, handling, monitoring and communication of hazards as well as for specifying and implementing preventative measures. Our staff members have a joint responsibility to prevent occupational accidents and diseases. They must comply with safety provisions and regulations.

We are committed to complying with all relevant statutory provisions and requirements, and take all required and appropriate measures according to the state of the art technologies. We have a harmonious relationship with interested internal and external stakeholders.


Head of HRM
Martin Allemann
Fon +41 41 209 5151