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Strategic Marketing

The demands on our products, the technological possibilities for producing them, and the competitive situation are constantly changing. Any company wishing to survive in this environment must have a good medium- and long-term strategy, derive concrete goals and measures from the strategy, and ensure that the measures are effective in practice.

Goals and tasks

To enable decisions to be made, information must first be gathered, evaluated, and prepared. In addition, information that is strategically relevant must be sufficiently up-to-date and quickly available. It was to meet these needs that the Strategic Marketing function was established at Swiss Steel AG.

Tasks of the Strategic Marketing function:

  • Strategic early diagnosis of the markets
  • Industry analysis
  • Company analysis
  • Strategic analyses. 

Strategic early diagnosis of the markets

The Strategic Early Diagnosis endeavours to recognise market changes before they occur, so that targeted action can be taken.

Industry analysis

In the Industry Analysis we examine the entire industry from raw materials, through our competitors, to the end-processors and market influencers such as universities and plant constructors. This ensures that trends and developments are recognised promptly and included in our Business Development process. Comparative analyses with our competitors (similar to benchmarking) highlight strengths and weaknesses of Swiss Steel AG.

Company analysis

In the Company Analysis, the present situation in our company, as well as changes and deviations from goals, are concisely presented to provide inputs to our Continuous Improvement programmes.

Strategic analyses

The combination of our strengths and weaknesses with the opportunities and risks identified in the Industry Analysis allows strategic approaches to be derived directly. We make frequent use of strength-weakness-opportunity-threat (SWOT) analyses, and supplement them with other modern strategic analyses.

Marketing special products for building construction

Marketing of our special products for the building construction industry mainly requires information from the market influencers: consulting engineers and clients/building owners. These products solve challenges in the building construction industry more economically and/or ecologically than the normally used methods according to our motto: Special steel solutions.