What our customers and partners say

Prof. Dr. Harry Bhadeshia
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge

"It is refreshing to see the dedicated Swiss Steel R&D team encourage and promote the latest research into something that is technologically meaningful. In doing so, they maintain both academic and industrial goals in creating the future for the best material in the world."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Rudolf Kawalla,
Institute for Metal Forming, Freiberg Technical University

"I am impressed by the reliability, professionalism and innovative strength of the Swiss Steel R&D team".

Dr. Michael Eglin
R&D Neat Oils, Blaser Swisslube AG, Hasle-Rüegsau

"In our joint projects we could always benefit from the solid knowledge of the employees of Swiss Steel AG, and thus bring our projects to a successful conclusion. Their clear and uncomplicated communication style allows even a non-specialist to understand the interrelationships and makes the collaboration simple and efficient."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konrad Wegener
Inspire AG, Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing, ETH Zürich

"I have come to know Swiss Steel AG as a highly innovative company that operates an active ideas process and uses and cultivates new scientific knowledge and methods. The collaboration has always been constructive and fruitful."

Dr. Jochen Kruse
Fundamental Development, ZF Lemförder GmbH

"ZF Lemförder GmbH has collaborated intensively with the R&D department of Swiss Steel AG for several years. We appreciate the short decision paths and the close personal contact with the R&D , as well as with the customer service. Due to the good contacts Swiss Steel AG maintains with university institutes, steel development projects can be implemented very rapidly and in an innovative manner."

Dipl.-Ing. Rupert Scharfetter
Technical Product Manager Conveyor Chains, pewag austria GmbH

“In the collaboration with the R&D department of Swiss Steel AG, we appreciate the technically constructive approach to solve materials-related problems. We particularly want to highlight the collaboration on our joint project, high-strength chain material.

We are all in global competition. Only through joint innovations and efforts is the future of industrial enterprises in central Europe assured. The collaboration with Swiss Steel AG, a longtime partner, is an important factor in this situation".

Pirmin Schuler
Head of Product Management Reinforcements, Debrunner Koenig Management AG

"As a leading trading company in the field of reinforcement steels and reinforcement systems, we rely on the long and good collaboration with Swiss Steel AG.

With TOP12 we receive from Swiss Steel AG an innovative rebar with enhanced corrosion resistance, which has an outstanding price-performance relation and guarantees the competitiveness of Debrunner Acifer in the area of high-alloy rebar.

Thanks to the profound know-how of Swiss Steel AG, combined with first-class support, our technical consultants are in a position to give engineers and planners competent advice on the use of TOP12."