Laboratory Testing Facilities

Accredited test laboratories for a consistent quality

We carry out chemical, mechanical and metallographic tests in our accredited test laboratories. Swiss Steel AG ensures a continual improvement in the individual departments due to the continuous feedback of process and test data to the process. Quality Assurance provides proof of the process quality through the accompanying inspections, which are mostly performed in the central test laboratories.

The key areas of our labs are accredited (STS0026) according to ISO/IEC 17025. The current scope of accreditation includes mechanical tests, metallography and spectrometry. The sample preparation departement mechanical produces various types of samples in conformity with standards or customer specifications.  The test and measuring equipment monitoring department manages all the test and measuring equipment (gauges, micrometers, etc.) at the production site in Emmenbrücke as well as for various external customers.

Our laboratories with their modern facilities are available for analyses and tests commissioned by external customers.

Laboratory Services

Chemical analysis

  • 2 optical spectrometers (OES) ARL 4460
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) Analytik Jena contrAA 300
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) ARL Optim’X
  • 2 C/S analyzers Leco C/S-200 und C/S-230
  • 2 N/O analyzers Leco TC 500 / TCH 600
  • Radioactivity tracer SCINTO

Mechanical testing

  • 4 tensile testing machines RKM / Zwick (2x250 kN, 1x600 kN, 1x1000kN) - partially automated
  • Pendulum impact tester Zwick RKP 450J with automatic cooling and specimen feeding
  • Hardness testing machine Emco M4C
  • Hardness testing machine Gnehm Brickers 220
  • Hardness testing machine Qness 3000 A


  • 2 automatic preparation machines ATM Systemautomat and Struers Prepamatic II
  • 3 microscope stations with digital image analysis PixelFerber, Zeiss
  • Several optical microscopes Leica, Zeiss, Leitz
  • Low-force hardness testing machine Zwick
  • Scanning electron microscope Zeiss with Oxford Instruments EDX

Test equipment management / calibration

  • Length calibration machine SIP 302M
  • Roughness tester Hommel T1000
  • Torque calibration machine Stahlwille
  • Kunz Square-Line block for perpendicularity measurement
  • Gauge blocks for length measurement
  • Control of measuring and monitoring devices QMSOFT®

Sample preparation

  • CNC - turning machine Doosan Puma 240 MC
  • CNC - milling center Müga
  • Miling center Herzog HS-FF
  • Cutting machines Struers / ATM
  • Saws Behringer / Shark
  • Grinding machine Geibel & Hotz
  • Press Kamax
  • Milling machine Blacks
  • Broaching machine KRME
  • Heat treatment equipment SOLO / Nabertherm / Borel

Our standard service range includes:

  • Hardness measurements (HRC, HBW, HV and low-force HV)
  • Tensile tests to a maximum load of 1000 kN
  • Bending tests
  • Impact tests down to -60°C
  • Metallographic analysis (hardness depth, microstructure analysis, grain size, inclusion rating, and fractography etc.)
  • Chemical analysis (spectrometric analysis, wet chemistry etc.)
  • Calibration services (length, roundness and roughness measurement) - not accredited
  • Production of test specimens according to standards or customer specifications


Head of Testing Laboratory
Stephan Stücklin
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