Top700 High strength reinforcing steel

When Top700 is used for applications requiring heavy-duty columns or long cast-in-place ceilings, less reinforcing steel is needed. The micro alloyed steel with a yield strength of >700 N/mm2 meets high static requirements and opens up new possibilities in reinforced concrete construction.

Architectural and structural design should not be limited by the properties of the materials used. The availability of Top700 – a higher strength grade reinforcing steel, ductility class B – pushes the limits of the possible to beyond what is expected. The clear advantages are slimmer constructions with better utilization of space and less weight.

Reduce the volume of steel or increase the strength

Reinforced concrete constructions using Top700 do not require specific concrete properties. It is possible, however, to reduce the amount of steel in kg/m3 by 40 percent. This means less steel needs to be produced and transported – a very welcome factor under environmental aspects. On the other hand, the standard values for the amount of reinforcement can be lighter in highly reinforced structural members. Top700 guarantees the highest stability for structures with special requirements.

Applications for Top700 - Higher strength reinforced steel

With a yield strength more than of >700 N/mm2 this special steel is ideally suited for:

  • earthquake-proof applications
  • heavily reinforced components
  • precast concrete components
  • columns
  • warehouses

These are applications for which either the percentage of steel in concrete is to be reduced or very high strength is required or even earthquake-proof structures.