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Personnel policy

Our staff principles - a living company culture

Our staff members produce by their work a market compatible product, representing a decisive power for our enterprise and are contributing substantially to success and further development of Swiss Steel AG. Motivation, challenge, support and demand represent our management style. Our staff is offered security, fair wages and development possibilities (horizontal and vertical) in a strong body of people. Diversity of ideas, personal engagement, reliability and self-reliant actions are promoted at Swiss Steel AG.

These principles are part of an integrated human relation management, supporting development of staff members to enable them to master their entrepreneurial tasks of the future as well as the technical, economical and social changes. Our staff is meant to keep up their internal and external marketability.

Education and further education

Great importance is attached to custom-made additional education of our staff. We educate our junior staff by targeted training in commercial and technical apprenticeships.

The rules of the game in every-day work: 

  • Together we are stronger
  • I am responsible for my work
  • I am passing on my experiences
  • I can accept criticism
  • I admit my errors
  • I am taken serious and take others serious

Management principles

Basis of our management principles are the principles of Swiss Steel as well as our own management guidelines. The competences necessary to lead personnel are described more detailed below. These define the ideal condition to be aimed at. Our employees are asked to assist their superiors in their management tasks.

Competence in management means:

  • Self-knowledge and development
  • Acting staff related
  • Give orientation and freedom to develop
  • Promote teamwork
  • Communicate